How I keep inspired as a glass artist

Many people ask me where I get my inspiration from for my glass art. As an artist, the world takes on a life of its own, where my imagination is full of wonder and curiosity. There is so much in life that inspires me, and I so enjoy the creative process of glass art, starting not only from a blank canvas, but from a piece of glass that already exists – before it’s even broken – and seeing where each piece takes me. 


Often glass art begins with sketching – a lot of sketching. It allows me to explore the shape, the lines and how each piece of broken glass will fit together. Sketching helps me see the bigger picture, it’s not about perfection, but rather my initial brain dump of ideas and concepts. 


Murano inspiration 

I was fortunate to be taken on as a student of Diego Bottacin, a Glass Master at the Abate Zanetti School of Glass located on the famed glass island of Murano. 


He started me off with creating simple glass beads, then blowing hollow beads (which were far trickier than I ever imagined), and finally moving on to more detailed, complicated sculptures based on sketches of what I could envision but not yet create.


My relationship with my tutor became more of respected artist instructing respected artist rather than just tutor and student. My own creations seemed to inspire his teaching and I was over the moon that someone so respected in his field could be inspired by my work. 



The world around me provides me with so much inspiration for my work. Open spaces, beautiful sunsets, the power of the wind and the wild colors of the waves – all these things I take inspiration from. Seeing nature and how it interacts with not only us but the universe around it has inspired countless glass art murals. 


“ABUNDANCE” takes inspiration from the vibrant sky above a peaceful sea, capturing the magic of the day refreshing, bursting forth with the promise of abundance in each new beginning.


Journey of self-discovery

From physical journeys around the world to journeys of self-discovery, my personal journey has taken me through periods of success, heartbreak, grief, hope and feeling blessed – all in equal measure! And I’ve learned to be resilient whatever life throws at me. 


I always believe we go through things for a reason, and even though you might not feel it at the time, life will ebb and flow. You need to grab the positives as quickly as you can because they definitely all teach us something…


“FOUND” is a glass art mural that highlights the sanctity of opening up to new experiences and processing all that you discover.  


As one door closes, another opens. Some may think that a closed door may mean loss or failure. What if, instead, it’s an opportunity for development and growth? 


I have always wanted to create art that speaks to people and tells a story. Art can speak to people in different ways; what you see when you look at a piece of art at one time can give different messages, depending on what you’re going through. This is where the magic happens.  


If you would like to book a private tour of my art in my studio, I’d love to show you around and hear what meaning the art has for you.