Fused Glass Artist, Anna Curnes

Anna Louise Curnes, dubbed Anna Lou by her mother early on, is a Dallas-based artist with a true love for all things Southern. She studied under fused glass artist and welder Becky Johnson, glass-blower Mark Mitsuda, Glass Master Diego Bottacin of Murano, Italy, and glass-blower Joe Ivacic.

After many successful exhibitions in both Dallas and Chicago, Anna began her own art studio in 2018 in the heart of the Dallas Design District where her glass artwork and works in progress can be admired and acquired.

What makes Anna’s glass art so powerful and empowering is that she takes broken pieces of glass and puts them back together in a way that's far more beautiful than they ever could have been before they were shattered - literally creating beauty from brokenness.

From small sculpted flowers to large-scale glass installations, Anna’s work definitely pushes the boundaries; creating fearless and prolific statement pieces.