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If you’re ready to add a dash of exuberance to your space 

you’ve come to the right place...


No matter if you’re looking for a

Signature piece to elevate your brand (and un-bore your lobby)

Establish your company as somethin’ else + have clients & co-workers “feelin’ fine” the moment they walk into the office


An artwork to dress up that empty wall in your forever home

Change the tone of your home from impersonal to telling the story of your most intimate moments – in playful, ever changing glass…


I’m glass artist Anna Curnes, and I've got you covered.

Anna’s Mural transformed our living room! Now our space has a modern touch
that I LOVE. The mural cleans it all up and pulls it together. It has added so much
to the vibe. I adore the colors on the wall, and unlike a painting, the glass mural
adds a completely different texture element to the room. Highly recommend!

How can I help you elevate your everyday?



The Ultimate 5-Step Guide to Commissioning

Your Dream Piece

(for art lovers on the prowl)


Revealed in this free guide…

3 ways to communicate what you want… even if you don’t really know what that is
The quick ‘n dirty on choosing colors that’ll make you happy – today, tomorrow and in 10 years
How to know for sure, if you’re a good match with the artist or when to run

Ready to move from “I want one!”, to done, done and hung?