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Breaking glass and playing with fire to create bold glass art masterpieces
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Each piece is intricately created with the utmost care and precision
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Transforming the simple cutting of glass into a multi-layered masterpiece, perfect for bringing life to any wall
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Adorn your walls with vibrant glass art murals
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Every single piece, large or small is unique, sure to infuse light and life to any setting
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Anna Curnes Glass Art

Anna Curnes is a celebrated glass artist based in Dallas, Texas, known for her bold and empowering glass murals and glass flower sculptures. 

Using vibrant and distinctive colors, Anna’s glass art pieces bring vibrancy and color to your home and office.

Anna Curnes plays with fire

She instructs the glass and listens to it as she molds it and works with the fluidity of it's very nature to create something totally unique, fresh and daring.  Her pieces make spell-binding, statement pieces for your home and office. 

Anna works with discerning individuals looking to acquire unique artwork for their home, Interior Designers who want to find bespoke glass art to complement their designs, and organizations who want to add that edge of panache to their office walls. 

Want something customized especially for you? Many clients commission Anna to create glass art that is unique to them and the space they want to fill. 

Let’s have a conversation about what you’re looking for. 


Glass Art for your Home

Adorn your walls with a hand cut fused mural; a statement piece that brings light and life to your home.


 Glass Art for the Office

Inspire your employees and clients and with stunning glass murals that align with your corporate brand and vision.


Give the Gift of Glass

Beautiful glass art gifts for your favorite people!

Sara Kerens, ALG Collective, April 2019

Meet Anna Curnes

Dallas based glass artist who creates beauty from brokenness. 

Not confined to what’s doable, but rather inspired by what’s powerful, Anna Curnes takes broken pieces of glass and puts them back together in a way that's far more beautiful than they ever could have been before they were shattered - creating beauty from brokenness.

Having studied with masters like Rebecca Johnson, Joseph Ivacic, Mark Mitsuda and Diego Bottacin she’s fluent in the fluidity of glass. She speaks and the glass responds.

Anna’s original artwork can be found at her very own studio, the ALG Collective, located on Dragon Street in the heart of Dallas Design District, Dallas, Texas. 

Glass Murals

Browse our selection of Glass Wall Murals and find the perfect design for you: