Glass Art Commissions

Every piece of art starts with an idea, a story - and it takes two people to tell it; the artist and you, the commissioner.

Whether you simply want a unique piece of glass art to dress up that empty wall in your forever home, a statement piece for your office or a special gift for a loved one, let’s create something extraordinary in glass to tell YOUR story to become a talking point for all who see it.


Commissions for Your Home

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Commisions for the Office

Commissions can be large or small, decorative, functional, for yourself, your place of work, or as a gift.

If you are considering commissioning Anna to create a glass art mural for your home or office, download our FREE Guide ‘How to Commission Glass Art For Your Home’


Everyone deserves to have an original piece of art in their home, one tailored specifically to them, but how do you go about making that dream a reality? 

It's all revealed in this FREE guide

You'll learn:

  • 4 ways to communicate what you want… even if you don’t really know what that is…
  • How to choose a color palette that’ll make you happy – today, tomorrow and in 10 years.
  • How to work collaboratively with your artist to get a piece of art you adore every time you look at it.