Expressing the beauty of water with glass art

The beauty of water has so many facets. Sometimes it’s still, quiet and peaceful and other times it can be wild and treacherous. I also know how being near water can really still our senses; when we’re sitting on the beach with the sand stretched out before us and the waves come and go beneath our toes it brings a real sense of peace and calm. There’s nothing quite like the sound or the feeling of being next to the water. 


My favorite place near the water closest to home is Vero Beach, and whenever I’m traveling I love to seek out pretty lakes or beaches and listen to the waves lapping at the shore. 


It’s not always possible for us to be near natural water, and when the sun isn’t shining you can’t always see that gorgeous glistening reflection. It’s possible to bring the sea into your home or office however with my glass art murals that depict the wonders of the ocean, providing you with the escapism and tranquillity you need. 




Overcome by a vibrant sky above a peaceful sea, this piece captures the magic of the day refreshing, bursting forth with the promise of abundance in each new beginning.




Literally created from a dream of space and freedom and hope, this hand-cut, fused glass mural shows the freedom of the waters below the floating clouds for you to revel in the hope of what lies in between. 




Showing the true spirit of Santorini, Greece to commemorate the joy of its sweeping vistas, winding streets, and rolling sea. 


Glass art creates the water’s motion


Glass art helps to create a sense of motion and energy in the water, caused by the reflection in the glass. 


In “SANTORINI” you’ll notice how the water reflects its surroundings and how the sky is reflected on the surface of the water, adding depth to the overall texture.  If you stand in front of “SANTORINI,” you’ll notice how the shimmering water is reflected through the light, creating that same feeling as if you were sitting looking out at the water.