Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Anna Lou Glass magic happen?

The Anna Lou Glass Collective | 1302 Dragon Street Dallas, TX 75207

Can I set up an appointment to view the glass work in person?

We love having visitors! Please click here to schedule a visit to stop by the studio.

Is shipping safe for glass?

Absolutely. You can’t enjoy your glass unless it gets to you in one piece, so we’ve worked hard to come up with the safest method of packing and shipping for all our products!

How does shipping and delivery work?

Smaller items (small flowers, centerpieces, and mirrors) may be picked up in person from Anna's studio in Dallas. If you are unable to pickup your artwork, we will ship it to you with great care and attention.

When you checkout, you will be given the option to pick up your work from the studio, or have it delivered. We will contact you via email or phone to arrange pickup, or to confirm shipping details.

All commissioned pieces include delivery and installation (in cities where available). Large installations ship free. Shipping costs on smaller items will be determined by weight and size. All artwork shipping includes insurance and tracking.

How durable is the glass you use?

Very! Each piece is a layered combination of 6-9 mm of premium bullseye glass and is carefully, slowly, and strategically fired and slumped to ensure the glass is nice and happy just as it is: whole. Now, we’re not insulting your intelligence - it is glass, and if you try really hard, you could probably break it, but we hope you won’t!

How do I care for my Anna Lou Glass piece?

With love! The best way to care for your piece is to keep it clean. Our pieces, while sturdier than they look, are still glass. Please clean them with special care using your favorite non-abrasive glass cleaner and a soft cloth. The hand-sculpted lume pieces of our mirrors are somewhat delicate, so special care should be used in cleaning that section with either compressed air or a soft bristle brush.

I can't figure out how to order online. Who can help me?

We, too, have a love/hate relationship with the internet! Contact us, and we’ll be glad to walk you through it.

What if I want a piece of glass art customized? Can you do that?

Of course! Anna Lou Glass loves doing commissioned, custom artwork for both homes and businesses. Check out our commission page to request more information and our gallery to see previous custom projects.

How do you recommend hanging your artwork?

Anna Lou Glass works in collaboration with the talented, Dallas-based art company, FGIII Fine Art Productions. They are insured professional art partners who offer white glove delivery and installation. They provide the special acrylic French cleats that Anna designed specifically for this purpose, or will be happy to help you create your own installation touches to finish your piece. They are located at 2101 W. Clarendon Dr. Dallas, TX 75208 or via their website.

Are Anna Lou Glass serving ware pieces still available?

Anna Lou is focusing on her larger-scale pieces, but we do have some legacy servingware items still available. 

Contact us to see if we have what you need!

How quickly can my order be created?

Our turnaround time for items depends entirely on the project at hand and the current demand, so we recommend saving your place in Anna’s calendar as soon as possible!

In most cases, Anna has a waitlist of several months before she can begin your piece, but will order any specific colors needed from Venice ahead of time. She will work with you to set general timelines and deliverable dates in order to fit your mutual schedules. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests for expedited creation!

What’s the process for fusing glass? What’s the process for blowing glass? What’s the difference?

Great questions! The main differences are in how hot the glass is. When glass is molten hot, Anna can blow or sculpt it into a shape. When fusing, the glass starts at room temperature in the form of a sheet. Anna cuts it, creates her designs from the cut glass, and then puts it in a kiln to heat and fuse it together.

For further information and an exclusive look into the Anna Lou Glass studio, check out how it’s made.

Do you offer art glass classes in Dallas or Chicago?

Things are so crazy, Anna hasn’t really had time to offer classes at the moment! If you’re just dying to come play in the studio with Anna (which we definitely understand), feel free to contact us about setting up a private glass class (minimum of 8, maximum of 14 people).

If I want to book a Private Appointment, what are your opening hours?

Our opening hours for Private Appointments are Monday to Friday 12-6pm. All appointments must be pre-booked.