Commissioning a piece of glass art in time for Christmas

Okay, I know it’s only September BUT I don’t know about you, I always kinda feel that it’s this time of year when I start to really think about Christmas. 


I start to plan some of the studio events, I think about inviting my family and discuss where we’re all spending Christmas. I also look at my work schedule and what pieces I’ll be looking to finish before the year is out. It’s a busy time and I want to make sure I plan far ahead to avoid the mad Christmas rush. 


Christmas can be a busy time for art orders too, and September is the time when people start booking me for commissions – especially if they want to give it as a Christmas gift. 


Treating yourself to a commissioned piece of art

As well as the wonderful gift of giving at Christmas, it’s also a time when we can be a little self-indulgent. It’s one of the few times that we can treat ourselves to something we really want but that we don’t want to ask for.  


Art is a great way to feed the soul. Have you ever stood in front of your favorite piece of art and noticed something different about it every time you look at it? It can make us daydream into a different world. Every piece of art carries a personal message for each of us, and by commissioning a piece with your favorite artist you can create your dream piece that has a deep and special meaning to you. 


A commissioned piece of glass art as a Christmas gift

Buying a piece of art for your loved one is a lovely way to pass on sentiment, showing that you’ve put a lot of thought into what to buy them, and giving them something that they can treasure for a lifetime. 


I know that art is a really personal thing to buy someone, and you may be a little nervous about choosing the right colors, style or size for the person you’re buying for, but that’s where I come in. I offer a full commission consultation which even includes visiting your home (if you’re buying for someone you live with), so I can understand your vision and help guide your decisions. 


Don’t be afraid to trust your instincts either. In my experience, they’re often right – especially if you know the person really well. 


If you’re thinking about commissioning me for a piece of art, now is the time to get an initial consultation with me The first chat is very informal, and there’s no obligation to go ahead if you’re still a little unsure. 


Start by downloading My Guide to give you a head start on how to make your dream piece of art a reality.