Expressing the beauty of water with glass art

The beauty of water has so many facets. Sometimes it’s still, quiet and peaceful and other times it can be wild and treacherous. I also know how being near water can really still our senses; when we’re sitting on the beach with the sand stretched out before us and the waves come and go beneath … Read more

How I keep inspired as a glass artist

Many people ask me where I get my inspiration from for my glass art. As an artist, the world takes on a life of its own, where my imagination is full of wonder and curiosity. There is so much in life that inspires me, and I so enjoy the creative process of glass art, starting … Read more

Commissioning a piece of glass art in time for Christmas

Okay, I know it’s only September BUT I don’t know about you, I always kinda feel that it’s this time of year when I start to really think about Christmas.    I start to plan some of the studio events, I think about inviting my family and discuss where we’re all spending Christmas. I also … Read more

Dallas glass artist Anna Lou’s five daily graitudes

The benefits of practicing gratitude are endless. Not only does it help get us into a positive mindset to start the day and be thankful for the things that we do have, it’s also the single most powerful way to practice self-care and boost our own happiness.   Practicing daily gratitude is simply about taking … Read more

Saying ‘thank-you’ with glass art gifts

How often do you forget to say ‘Thank You?’   I know I don’t always say it as often as I should, and I bet I’m not the only one.    The incredible family and friends I have around me have definitely shown me the value of saying and hearing these simple two words.    … Read more

Valuing the little things in life more with glass art

When our daily life can feel so hectic, sometimes it’s good to slow down and appreciate the small things more. Life moves at such a pace sometimes, and if we don’t stop and enjoy the moment, amazing things can pass us by before we really have the time to enjoy them.  Let’s face it, we’ve … Read more

An Adventure through Santorini with 2 glass art murals

Santorini – with its iconic white architecture dotted with blue and pastel accents against a backdrop of the deep blue Aegean Sea – nothing is more idyllic! The place has a special place in my heart. Its immaculate beauty sings around every corner you turn: the churches, the sands, the crystal blue waters and the … Read more

Keeping summer vibes in your home all year long with glass art

Keeping summer vibes in your home all year long with glass art Yay! The summer is finally here, and I love it more and more every year. The long sunsets, the warm breeze, the light clothes, the bare feet on a freshly mowed summer lawn. What could be more perfect?    We’re definitely more relaxed … Read more

How to commission glass art for your home

Everyone deserves to have an original piece of art in their home, one tailored specifically to them, but how do you go about making that dream a reality?

It’s all revealed in this FREE guide, “How to commission glass art for your home”.