The ULTIMATE Dallas Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Are you looking for a unique gift this Christmas for a special person in your life? Do you want to choose something a little different that has meaning, that they can cherish forever?   I’ve got some great ideas…   I’ve put together this Dallas Christmas Gift Guide, brimming with unique art ideas for every … Read more

Commissioning a Dallas Artist

Commissioning a Dallas artist to make a custom-made piece of work for you can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. One of the reasons people commission an artist is because they can’t always find their exact requirements from work that’s already been created. They want something that deeply expresses their special moment, … Read more

How I like to give thanks at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.    It gives us a little time out with our families to practice appreciation and gratitude for everything we have and every single person who has blessed us in our lives.    Here are some of the ways that I like to celebrate Thanksgiving:    Reflection time   … Read more

Working with Dallas Interior Designers on commissioning art

Many interior designers I have worked with in Dallas know how to make art part of their design process. Working together to be able to get a deep understanding of what the client wants, creating a vision to transform a room, and coming up with innovative ideas to bring the client’s personality to the project … Read more

Transform space and light in your Dallas Office with Glass Art Installations

Office wall décor is one of the important things to get right if you want to impress clients, enhance productivity, and attract the right talent to your organization. Yet so many businesses don’t consider bringing a little creativity into their space to enhance performance and make their brand stand out.    Carefully selecting office art … Read more

Celebrating Halloween in Dallas as an artist

Halloween is such a fun time of year. I love the way it inspires the creative mind; from making costumes and decorating with ghosts and goblins, to carving and painting pumpkins. For me, Halloween runs together with all of Fall, creating a whole season where creativity and imagination are encouraged to run wild!    Holiday … Read more

Filling your home with beautiful Fall colors with glass art

The Fall is one of my favorite times of year because of the warm colors everywhere and the warm feeling it brings to the home. I simply love strolling through our local parks and hearing the crisp leaves under my feet, and yes, even the aroma of pumpkin spice in the streets of Dallas.    … Read more

Looking forward to the future with glass art murals

I recently returned from Figure 8, NC, having enjoyed a really wonderful vacation with some of my Wake Forest friends. I love the anticipation of a vacation; spending quality time with special people in my life and taking some time out of my studio to unwind and let my hair down.    The thrill of … Read more

Honoring the present moment with glass art mirrors

How often do we really relish this present moment; being fully present in the here and now and not wanting for anything else; no longer worrying about what happened in the past and not fearing what will happen in the future?   Sometimes it feels like there is so much chaos and drama around us, … Read more

How to commission glass art for your home

Everyone deserves to have an original piece of art in their home, one tailored specifically to them, but how do you go about making that dream a reality?

It’s all revealed in this FREE guide, “How to commission glass art for your home”.