“STRINGS” Glass Art represents your life’s choices

Do you ever stop and consider how different your life would be if you’d made a different choice? The place you’ve chosen to call home, the person that you chose to spend the rest of your life with, the career you pursued and the friends who we confide in; the choices we made have created and shaped our lives.


Life is all about choices, and some choices are more significant than others. I know I’ve made some important life choices that have involved or influenced others, so we’re not able to make every decision with “I” as the forefront. There are other factors such as financial obligations, responsibilities at home, and our families that influence our decisions. 


“STRINGS” is one of my most recent glass art pieces that represents all of the choices that brought us to where we are now, celebrates where we presently are and gives us hope knowing that our present is also setting us up for where we’re going next.  

This “Circling Strings” installation of 3 “Strings” pieces portrays a full yet fluid transition of experiences, with no real beginning or ending, as one piece flows into the next to create one harmonious pathway.


As such it can be customized to suit your own choices or the size and aspect of your wall. 


The decisions we have made in our lives are influenced by our beliefs, values and the vision we have for our own lives. 


“STRINGS” can help you reflect on some of the choices you’ve made in life that have brought you to where you are today.