Dallas glass artist Anna Lou’s five daily graitudes

The benefits of practicing gratitude are endless. Not only does it help get us into a positive mindset to start the day and be thankful for the things that we do have, it’s also the single most powerful way to practice self-care and boost our own happiness.


Practicing daily gratitude is simply about taking some time out of your day to think and reflect on all the positive things in your life. I actually keep a little journal where I acknowledge what I’m grateful for each day, and the benefits have been tremendous for my own well-being and for passing on that feel-good vibe to others that I meet throughout the day. 


To help you on your gratitude journey, I wanted to share my five things that I’m most grateful for right now in the hope that it will pass on a little bit of Anna Lou joy to all of you.  


  • My family 

I’m grateful for my family and the fact that we’re really close; not just physically but emotionally too. Despite the fact that we’ve been through a tremendous loss together we have still stood strong, and I have amazing respect for them. 


  • For my creative talents 

I absolutely love what I do, and I can’t believe I get to live my biggest passion out every single day; it doesn’t even feel like work! My artistic talents allow me to create art that makes people reflect, feel happy and appreciate the beauty of everything around us – and that’s what I love most. It’s like giving back to people with the gift I’ve been given. 


  • Hugs

Ok, I admit it, I’m one of life’s huggers. I grew up in a family that learned early on to just give in and let me hug them. Can you imagine how hard it was in the pandemic not to be able to hug people? 


That’s why I created these glass “HUGS” that have become so popular because it allows you to give the gift of a good hug to those that we don’t always see on a regular basis. 


  • The gift of travel 

I love being able to explore the world around me – and what an amazing world it is. I love visiting new places whether it be with friends or family. Santorini is one of my favorite places to visit and even inspired one of my glass art murals.


  • Sunrises and sunsets 

When I’m travelling, I love to watch the sunset, knowing that as we say goodbye to one day, another is just about to begin that could be even more exciting. 


“DREAMSCAPE” is one of my glass art murals that depicts being able to face the future boldly with the expectation of dreams becoming reality.

It can be easy to get swept away in the fast lane of life and forget to stop and show our appreciation for what we do have.


I still have a lot to learn in practicing daily gratitude, but I can certainly say that doing so has made a difference in my long-term happiness.