Saying ‘thank-you’ with glass art gifts

How often do you forget to say ‘Thank You?’


I know I don’t always say it as often as I should, and I bet I’m not the only one. 


The incredible family and friends I have around me have definitely shown me the value of saying and hearing these simple two words. 


You might be thinking ‘well I’m always saying thank you.’ It’s true that most are hard-wired to be polite when we get given something, like a coffee from the barista, fluffy pancakes delivered by the waiter, but we so often forget to say thank you when things impact us on a deeper level. What about the dear friend who’s helped you through a tough time, a family member who has shown you unconditional love, or a mentor who has offered you real practical or emotional support when you needed it most. 


My Mom always brought me up to say ‘thank you.’  She never let a gift or good act of kindness go unanswered and reminded us to say “thank you” in some way whenever we were on the receiving end of such a blessing.


There are so many ways to say ‘thank you.’ Sometimes just a heartfelt phone call is enough, but you could also extend your gratitude by gifting them a piece of glass art. 


My Smalls Collection offers heaps of inspiration for thank you gifts, but here’s a few that have been particularly popular right now: 




The hand-sculpted heart-headed lume sculptures come in a variety of colors and are my little way of throwing love out into the world so that you can literally give someone a “hug” from afar as a way of saying ‘thank you.’


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These hand-cut and fused glass flowers in a metal frame capture vibrancy and vitality wherever they go. 


They come in a variety of colors and look great displayed in a home. 






Available in gold or white Origami frames, the glass gleams from every angle, bringing in beautiful light through the flower.