Blown Away by Glass Art?

Has anyone else been watching Blown Away on Netflix? A reality glassblowing competition between ten accomplished glass artists, with a creative brief and a time limit that pushes them to their glassblowing limits. Along the way we see the competitors moulding, sculpting and blowing their way to victory, designing and creating beautiful and artistic glass pieces for the judges to assess.

What makes Blown Away so fascinating is not necessarily the outcome of what they create (although they produce some amazing work), but watching the creative, mesmerizing glassblowing process. 

On many occasions when I’ve been creating a glass art mural, I’ve allowed the glass pieces to shape my work. Glass is so hard to control, you have to develop it organically, bending creativity to match where the glass takes you. This is why I love creating. The finished product may not always be what you outlined at the beginning, or even what you visualized, but that’s the beauty of glass art.

If you’ve enjoyed Blown Away and have been fascinated by the glassblowing process, I’d love to invite you to my studio to come and watch me break glass and play with fire. Come and watch me undertake these two dangerous efforts carefully combined to form a beautiful and unique piece of art, LIVE in my studio.  

I’m creating some new work right now and I’d be happy for you to come along and fire any questions about the process or any of my work. 

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