Looking forward to the future with glass art murals

I recently returned from Figure 8, NC, having enjoyed a really wonderful vacation with some of my Wake Forest friends. I love the anticipation of a vacation; spending quality time with special people in my life and taking some time out of my studio to unwind and let my hair down. 


The thrill of it keeps me going. 


Now that travel restrictions are lifting, we can look forward again to plan vacations further afield and see friends and loved ones that we haven’t seen for awhile. Many of us have enjoyed discovering the beautiful scenery right on our doorstep over the last year or so, but we can’t wait to pack a suitcase and head off for a well-deserved break away from home.


Setting our sights on a positive future

Looking forward means taking positive actions today—planting a seed, starting a journal, starting some new training that will benefit our body or mind, planning a vacation – anything that will benefit the tomorrow you want to see.


Reaching out to our friends

How about reaching out to someone in your life who you haven’t seen or heard from in a while and who you want to deepen your relationship with and start a conversation? Who knows what people might be going through, or who needs to just to hear your voice or read a message from you? It may be just what they need in this moment. 


Feeling good about the future

We can make conscious choices in our life and be excited, feeling good about the future. We don’t have to wait for good things to come to us. Go and make some good things happen to you today … and spread the joy in others too!


“EXTEND” is a glass art mural that expands beyond the physical, allowing you to extend your mind and soul outward as far as you long to go.


Create your own joy and happiness by extending your mind as far as it will take you. The more time and energy you invest in the future, the more your future will be what you make it.