Cute alert! Introducing my new puppies, Stella & Luna

I’ve been wanting to get a dog throughout the pandemic, and while my first choice was to rescue a dog in need, I knew it would be hard to find the right puppy! 

You see, I know a dog is not an accessory no matter how adorable they are. I also knew that for a dog to fit well with my life, they’d have to be smaller, come from a stable background, love coming up to the studio and greeting all newcomers and other dogs. They also need to be hypoallergenic so that my nieces could still slumber party at my house from time to time without sneezing! 

Enter Christina, an ALG collector who it turns out is very involved with DOGRRR, a Dog Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Rehome non-profit that sets up pups in need with foster homes.  She heard my puppy wish list, saw the love I was dying to lavish on a puppy, and when 2 little sisters came up that fit my description, I was her first text. 

Now, I wasn’t really interested in getting two dogs, but at 6-8 weeks old they were too young to separate. I couldn’t possibly take one without the other. What’s more they were cute. REAL Cute. They were even cuddling in the picture, and I fell in love on the spot. 

It was probably the best decision I ever made … and I’m only 4 weeks in. 

Technically I’m only allowed to foster until they’ve had the rest of their vaccinations, but I’m obviously in love and plan to adopt them both.

Y’all, meet Stella & Luna. 



Stella (with the dark ears) is like Houdini in her ability to escape her playpen; sometimes I can see how she got out and adjust, but often she’s just mysteriously out, and I have no idea how. She’s so smart, playful, and a total instigator. 

Luna (with the light ears) is the budding alpha who charges headfirst into everything, even under my couch, discovering a savvy belly-sliding technique helpful to her favorite game of keep-away-the-toy-and-get-Stella-to-chase-me. She’s speedy, playful as well, and stubborn until treats are included, which if I’m honest, I totally respect.

Both are recovering Baby Sharks, learning the meaning of the word “NO,” (as in “NO do NOT chew on that electrical cord, it’s not going to end well for you”) and will “talk” back and forth all the time. 

 They love a good cuddle with me or each other and have already grown so much that I got them a bigger bed. But even amidst the space and fluff, they’ll move to sleep right by each other, sometimes even on top of each other, but always at least touching.

Honestly they remind me of my sister and me: playing, chatting, instigating, snuggling. They entertain each other, support each other, wrestle each other, and comfort each other. They are simultaneously two of a kind and individuals. I love them, and I think my sister Callie is looking down and loving them too.

Oh, and the poor things had Parvo last week. In fact they’re still recovering from it. It’s a great example of how, when you know something is wrong, trust your gut and go to the people who know more than you for help. 

Racing Stella to the after-hours animal hospital was the best choice I’ve ever made. I thought maybe she’d swallowed something that was messing up her system, but it turns out that she’d contracted Parvo, a dangerous and highly contagious puppy disease that is the most successfully treatable when treated right away. I cried, scared for my new little loves, and drove back home to retrieve and bring her sister in because if one had it, they both did. 

The animal hospital took amazing care of them, and after just 2.5 days I was able to bring them home. Recovery was slow and steady, they just needed to get back on their feet, but even now they are back to normal just 2 weeks after they were so sick, back to ninja-chasing their way under my couch and through my dining room chair legs for the sheer joy of it! Or for a toy, likely both.

SO Thankful for them!