Being happy, right now

Being happy with where you are in your life right now is so important and yet often elusive. Having that sense of belonging, knowing that you’re following your path and you’re in the right place can add so much assurance and confidence to your day to day.

Happiness, like other emotions, is not something you can go out and look for, but rather something that is rooted from deep within you. 

I don’t know about you, but it’s so easy to open Instagram and wonder what the hell you’re doing with yourself when so many people seem to have this “perfect” time. You get this nagging feeling that you should be doing more, travelling more, spending more… but we all know that this isn’t the root of happiness. 

Happiness is accepting all of yourself: your triumphs and fails, your awesomeness and flaws, and your curiosity and contentment, knowing it’s what makes you unique.

It’s about being happy being you. 


“FOUND” is a glass art mural that highlights that sanctity. That inner peace. It can be found when we discover new experiences or places that bring us an inner sense of tranquility and happiness, reminding us of all we have to be grateful for. 





Every morning, the sun rises with endless opportunities that give us so many reasons to be thankful. 



This glass art mural captures the magic of the day – refreshing, bursting forth with the promise of abundance in each new beginning.



Art can help inspire our happiness and remind us of the beauty of people, things and places that surround us. They function as a symbol, subtly influencing us all the time.

If you aren’t reminded of your happiness everyday with your art, rethink your surroundings. If you need a reflective glass art mural to help remind you of your best self, reach out and let’s discuss–you know where I am.