Why glass art makes a great Christmas gift

If you’re anything like me, you find it increasingly difficult to find Christmas gifts that are unique to those who seemingly have everything!

The trouble is, most of us buy ourselves the things we need as and when we need them, and forget about the things we want until it’s too late, and we’re gifted with socks, random bath oils, and gift cards that we forget to spend. 

Not this year. I started thinking about Christmas super early, and I put careful thought into what YOU might like to receive as a gift from ME… and I came up with a selection of glass smalls that would make the perfect gift to express your love and friendship for someone.

First up, are my adorable (and popular!) “Hugs” 

These heart-headed lume sculptures with open arms are my own special way of throwing love out into the world, so that you can literally give someone a “hug” despite us not being able to physically see those closest to us right now.


They’re made from Hot-Sculpted Murano Glass Lume and stand perfectly on a Lucite Base, so they can be displayed in that special place in someone’s home.  


Choose from pink, green or blue to match their color choice. 





Next up are my “Floating Blooms” – available in blue, pink, orange and lavender.

Capturing vibrance and vitality and suspending it to gleam forever, my “Floating Blooms” bring life and color wherever they go. For those who know me, I’m a totally black thumb, so glass flowers are my favorite form of gardening – with no maintenance except being adored by their keeper!


The hidden beauty of glass art gifts

Buying a friend or loved one a piece of glass art this Christmas is a wonderful way of passing on sentiment, showing that you’ve really thought about what to buy them, and giving them something that they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Glass art can make us feel reflective yet strong and powerful, or it can take us daydreaming into another world. And because each piece has been beautifully hand-crafted by me, it has a history; a narrative that starts when it was first created and carries on with the person who you choose to gift it to. 

“I saw this and thought of you” is a heartfelt way of expressing how much you care about someone.  Choosing a piece of glass art for them means you put careful thought into their favorite color scheme and personal taste, which goes much further than gifting a store card. 

I know that Christmas starts early in Dallas, so don’t wait till the last minute to get first dibs on my small glass art collection to express your love and friendship.