Urban Wildflowers

This celebration of life and creation feels like it was years in the making! The amazing couple who commissioned this piece asked for a glass mural that honored the countryside they so loved while still fitting into the urban city where they’ve made a home. How much do I love fusion of all things! I followed my instinct and, for the first time ever, cold fused the flower sculptures I made from hot glass to my fused glass mural, creating a 3D glassy world! I’d always meant to do it, creating the flowers for that purpose, but this was the first time I actually did it!

Thus, the horizon was influenced by the Dallas skyline, and the colorful buoyancy of the grass was inspired by their vivacious kids; light-hearted and curious and creative, with no moment quite like the next!

Urban Wildflowers has been an important journey for me. Using my flower sculptures in the way I original envisioned them felt so wonderful and cyclical! It’s a lesson I keep learning in my artwork: ideas and creativity and glass, it cycles back around, but each cycle is different because you’re bringing your new experiences with it as well… and the result feels much bigger than me, more inevitable, divine, and magical.