Thoughts blowing across the water

There are a million reasons why I love spending time near water. Whether it’s the sea, a lake or even a tiny stream in a woodland.

It captures my imagination. It intrigues me that each movement is different in its form and intention and there’s something mysterious about where the wind starts and where it ends.

Over the last few years, I have spent many a day at Lake Marie in Antioch, Illinois. I studied and painted the rippling movements of the water in watercolor, admiring the beautiful greenery and wildflowers that grow around it, envious that they get to spend every single day by this magnificent lake.

I became fascinated by how the wind is always changing. Sometimes it’s calm and serene, yet other times it whirls to cause ripples in the water. It inspired my new limited edition lucite series, “BLUE WAVES.” The four pieces depict the wildness of the wind and my thoughts blowing across Lake Marie, presented using a kaleidoscope effect on original watercolor where, just like the water, there is no end and no beginning.

There are so many variables when working with the medium of watercolor, just as there are with painting the water itself: the size of the brush, the area of wash, the thickness of the paper. As I paint, the water never stays the same, and this is the sheer magic of this collection.

I hope you’ll visit my art studio in Dragon Street to view this work and allow your thoughts to be blown across the boundless lake.