The journey of colors: Blues

I love using color in my work to create emotional responses, carefully selecting colors that work harmoniously together.  After all, the colors we surround ourselves with directly influence the way we feel and can help us emotionally connect with a piece of art.

One of the more dominant colors in my work is the coolest and most calming of all colors – blue. Reminiscent of the sea and the sky, the color is easy on the eye. I use blue to convey a sense of calm and peacefulness, as well as a sense of nostalgia and longing.

Blue is a classic color that works well in different rooms within your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen, and even the bedroom because of its calming influence.

If you want to introduce more of this calming color into your home, here are some art pieces to inspire your imagination and interior style:


Anna Lou Curnes, Glass Artist, standing in front of her Faith series of wall art

Using a kaleidoscope effect, I introduced continuous blue lines in these pieces to represent the symmetry of how our thoughts can influence our emotions. Different shades of blue are used in my FAITH series which bring a fresh and bright outlook to each piece.


Anna standing in front of Santorini series original glass wall art hung above a mantel piece

SANTORINI features different hues of blue to represent both the sky and the ocean. The colors shimmer and shine as you look around the piece, changing as the light bounces off it in different directions.  These soothing natural colors will complement both traditional and contemporary-styled homes.


BLUE WAVES is an original Watercolor Kaleidoscoped in a Museum Quality Print on Lucite. Each of these four pieces represents the rippling movements of the water in watercolor, different in its form and intention, and there’s something mysterious about where the water starts and where it ends.


Celebrating fresh starts, the piece explores balance. The bright blue backdrop is reminiscent of boldness and freshness – everything we need to inspire new, fresh starts.

If you would like to see how these pieces could work well in your home, why not book a consultation with me. I’d love to hear about the look you want to create and how these pieces can bring the wow factor in your home.