The gift of giving this Easter

The gift of giving this Easter

Many think of Christmas as a time of gift-giving, but in fact, Easter is also a special season to remind ourselves of the gift of giving. You know that lovely feeling when we receive a gift?  Well, there’s an even greater joy to be had when you are the giver, with no expectation of reciprocation.

A Chinese proverb says: “If you always give, you will always have.” Whether it’s giving your time, your money, offering a seat at your table to someone who is spending Easter on their own, or gifting something meaningful are all ways we can practice the gift of giving.

Here are some simple and practical ways you can give this Easter.

Reconnect with love and generosity

Remind yourself of ways that your friends and family have been generous with you and practice gratitude for their kindness.  This can also inspire us to find ways to return their generosity. It might even be as simple as picking up the phone and asking how they are, or inviting them over for dinner.  Sharing our time is one of the most important and precious things we can give.

Be proactive not reactive

Rather than waiting to be asked to give of your time or money, try to be proactive about it. Think about charitable giving and what causes are most close to you that would feel good for you to give to. If we focus on one or two causes each year, it helps you be proactive about how you might give of your money or your time.

I have donated several glass art murals to causes that are very close to my heart. One being to the Children’s Hospital in Dallas who gave tremendous support to my sister during her care there. It was so rewarding to see my art continuing to make a difference to others during their stay at the hospital, lifting their spirits when they need it most.

Handmade, original fused glass wall art of the ocean with cliffs on the left, paragliders in the middle and people having a picnic on the right.
Callie’s Mural


Make thoughtful purchases

A gift tends to be more heartfelt when you have put effort and thought into the recipient and what they might like. This doesn’t mean the gift needs to be elaborate; it can be something as simple as a glass hug, a framed flower or a glass flower in a pot that they can display in their home.

Fused glass flower in a plant pot on a table in a home.
Turquoise Spring Flower


Fused glass wall art of four individual glass flowers in gold frames
Floating Blooms


Fused glass 'hug' sculpture in sky blue glass
Sky Blue Hug

If you would like to gift one of these this Easter, visit my studio on Dragon Street or order online, and I can have it gift wrapped for you. Most of these small gifts come in a range of colors and frames, so you can visit my studio to choose the most suitable one.

Shared experiences

Another thoughtful and memorable way to give, is by gifting shared experiences. This might be planning a trip with a romantic partner or taking your bestie to the theatre or cinema for a night. These have a great lasting impact because they involve a great deal of thought and effort to put together, and by sharing the experience with them, you are also spending fun time with them to create a lasting memory.

Let’s try to practice the gift of giving this Easter, no matter how big or small, and experience the true joy that comes with it.