Anna Curnes is a genius with her art. God has so gifted her with talent. I love her work so much I even give it as gifts to others and they love her work. They often remind me how much they love their pieces. I love her colors, her designs, her creativity. Have you seen the piece she did for Children’s Medical Center? It’ll take your breath away.
— Becky McCamey

I met Anna and discovered Anna Lou Glass several years ago. I could not stop with one piece, I have several pieces which I love to put around my home. The pieces are one of a kind. Anna Lou Glass brings art and creativity to everyday life. Because I love Anna’s art so much, I’ve given her work as gifts on several occasions—as a result several friends are “Anna fans” as well.
— Denise Mammolito

There’s nothing better than turning the corner in my house and seeing my Anna Lou glass glowing in the light. It’s a purchase that is art in our home, and one day I can imagine my children fighting about who can bring that art into his or her home. Truly a family treasure.
— Caroline Haley

I love my glass roses and have used them in groupings of varying sizes. Sometimes on smaller surfaces, I use just one large one or a couple of small ones.
My favorite was at Christmas on my dining room table. They were nestled in holiday greenery with red roses and looked pretty
during the day when they were unlighted. At night, with the lights turned on, it looked magical!!
Thank you for being so easy to work with in ordering and for sharing your amazing talent!!
— Louise Griffeth

My wonderful large crystal rose is the perfect centerpiece for my dining table. It is marvelous for summer.
— Caroline Hunt

I love my Anna Lou Glass! It is so unique and the style and color make my house look chic and complete. I get a compliment every time I entertain! I’m so glad I invested in a few pieces of Anna Lou Glass to compliment what I already have and make my home feel that much more festive around holiday times!
— Leigh Anne Mann

The Anna Lou Glass piece helped convey the excitement of the Verizon brand and elevated the store atmosphere to a more sophisticated feel which blended in nicely with the art galleries on the streets around us. The piece exudes joy.
— Jordan Curnes

I love the finish of my pink rose, a dusting that gives it a little texture and color while letting the glass shine through. It adds more dimension that just naked glass, and added texture (in so many forms) is one thing I love about so many of Anna’s pieces. The rose has been the centerpiece of my daughter’s nursery, a beautiful visual landing point in my bookcase, and a bright spot on my table. Looking at it transports me to a calmer time and place.
— Carrie Woodward

My Anna Lou Glass is amazing - you can tell that a ton of work went into it because it has a zillion different layers of glass - it’s awesome! I have no idea how she came up with the packing required, but it was elaborate...and worked perfectly!!
— Catherine White

Anna is a great listener, and can interpret what you’re looking for, even if you’re not capable of articulating it. She’s extremely organized, unlike the stereotype artist she can have a focused conversation. I was blown away by her professionalism –
she followed up, kept to the timeline and made us feel a 100% secure
about our investment.
— Alice Brown