Transform your home with our hand-cut fused glass double paneled mural, framed with glass detailing to bring light and life to your home.

Inspired by the intricacies of Anna's daily life, this mural is an exploration of the constant tug of war between the light and the dark in our lives. The light is bright and vibrant and happy, but it's made all the more intensely joyful by the darkness, the struggle, and the uncertainty we face. We can't hide from the darkness, but maybe we don't need to. Maybe we just need to acknowledge it's there and constantly strive for our light to continually outshine it, quelling it to remain merely in the shadows while we run free in the hope of the light.

This one-of-a-kind work of art was created piece by piece with painstaking care by Anna herself, transforming the simple cutting of glass into a multi-layered masterpiece, perfect for bringing life to any wall.

Anna Lou Glass has been featured in DMagazine.com, Chicago's One Of A Kind Show, Kappa Kappa Gamma Tablescapes, "Weekends with Whitney" and Arizona Foothills magazine. Her work was also featured at the Chicago International Film Festival's Summer Soiree.

Total dimensions 30" x 34" x .5", with each panel measuring 15" x 34" 

Color may differ slightly from photos due to unique monitor settings.

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