Sending Hugs this Galentine’s Day  

This Galentine’s Day, celebrated on 13 February, is a chance to honor and uplift the incredible women in our lives. While romantic relationships can come and go, our female friendships can provide an unbreakable bond and they deserve to be recognized for always being there to lend an ear, offer advice, join in adventures, and share endless laughter and memories. 

To help honor these friendships, my glass “HUGS” are incredibly popular. They celebrate the notion that all kinds of love should be cherished, and they send a feel-good reminder that our female friendships are beautiful and worth celebrating.

My handcrafted glass hugs come in a variety of vibrant colors and sizes and can be picked up gift wrapped from my art studio. To help with your selection, I’ve highlighted different colored hugs to match different personalities within your friendship group.

Orange Hugs 

Handmade orange glass 'hug' sculpture on a lucite base

For your extroverted, optimistic, confident, courageous, and physically active friend. Orange evokes passion, excitement, and boundless energy – perfect for that lively girlfriend who’s always on the go! A bold orange glass hug shows her how much you appreciate her sense of adventure and living life to the fullest. 

Smokey Hugs

Handmade smoky glass 'hug' sculpture on a lucite base wrapped in Anna Lou Glass gift wrapping

For your poised, sophisticated and stylish friend who values balance and harmony. Cool-toned and elegant, these smokey hugs complement your friend who has an understated yet refined style and appreciation for neutrality. They’re thoughtful, composed and bring tranquility to any space – just like your gracious and cultured galfriend. 

Sky Blue Hugs

Handmade sky blue glass 'hug' sculpture on a lucite base

For your insightful, creative daydreamer of a friend who is thoughtful, intuitive and idealistic. Sky blue evokes openness, imagination and vision – encapsulating your friend’s artistic spirit and ability to think outside the box. These calming blue glass hugs will inspire your inventive friend to turn her dreams into reality. 

Whiskey Hugs

Whiskey coloured glass 'hug' sculpture on a lucite base 

For your reliable, loyal and protective friend who is mature, comforting and always there to listen. Warm whiskey brown radiates coziness and dependability, reflecting your compassionate friend who offers a safe space and meaningful advice. These mellow, earthy hugs show your appreciation for her steadfast support.

Yellow Hugs

Hot-Sculpted Murano Glass Lume sculpture on a Lucite Base

For your cheerful, optimistic friend who lights up every room with her smile! Vibrant, sunshine yellow conveys warmth, joy and boundless energy. These spirited golden hugs celebrate your friend’s ability to spread happiness wherever she goes. She shines bright just like the sun!

Finally, to all my amazing girlfriends who inspire, encourage and make my life so much fun (you know who you are!) I’m sending you all a big hug today and always! 

Shop for your colored glass hugs today and let me know of any special message you want including on the personalized giftwrap!