My Journey with colors: Pinks

Recognized as the symbol of love and affection, pink has gone through many transformations – at times a symbol of masculinity and status, hyper-femininity and innocence, romance and seduction, protest and punk.

The color pink is used in a lot of my glass art murals and watercolor paintings. Pink lets me run wild in my work, adding a touch of classic chic, elegance and, some might say, even seduction. Using different shades such as fuchsia, petal pink, magenta, blush and rose, the color pink is great for brightening up any room in your home, and infusing a touch of femininity.

In my Journey with Colors series, I will be exploring different color palettes and how you might incorporate some of my art pieces into your home to embrace the power of pink or invoke the soft romance of the rose.


The warmth and richness in this kaleidoscope ink and watercolor evokes an inviting intimacy, creating a comforting effect with its continuous lines that have no end and no beginning. It’s all-embracing.

“Adoring” is when there’s an unavoidable outpouring of love and gratitude for all the joy that someone has brought into your life. The soft pink hues in this piece embody cozy and calm feelings, and the vibrant palettes of purples spark cheerfulness and joy.


DREAMSCAPE is swathed in rosey sunset pinks. Literally created from a dream of space and freedom and hope, this hand-cut, fused glass mural faces the future boldly with the expectation of dreams becoming reality.


REJOICING is surely one of my most feminine watercolor pieces, due to the delicate pink hues that I’ve used. Yet when you look closely, I balance it with turquoise, yellow and red that allow the pink to ‘pop’ and ooze joy and playfulness.

This piece would look beautiful in a bedroom, enveloping the room to create that warm and romantic space.


Fused glass flower in a gold frame, handmade by Anna Lou Curnes, Glass Artist, Dallas

My pink FLOATING BLOOMS capture vibrance and vitality, allowing you to introduce a touch of pink into your room.


Add a touch of femininity to your dining table, make your hallway ‘pop’ by displaying these glass garden flowers on your hallway table, or you can display them on your bedside table to add a hint of whimsy and seduction.

I love the way that lighter shades of pink help create a monochromatic and subtle palette, which I gravitate toward in many of my artworks.

If you would like to look at how pink can be incorporated into your home, book a consultation with me or visit my studio to view my artwork in person.