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“Anna’s mural transformed our living room! Now our space has a modern touch that I LOVE. The mural cleans it all up and pulls it together.”

Let me make one thing “crystal clear”, darlin’…

whether your home is a


Nest with 3 kids, tripovah-worthy Lego castles and an ever-growing selection of orphan socks in all sizes and colors of the rainbow – kinda home


2 dogs, odds, ends, second-hands, hand-me-downs and granny’s antiques you’ve inherited – kinda home


1 orchid, tufted couch, sleek surfaces, and champagne waiting for you in the fridge – kinda home




And if you’re not lovin' every tiny, teeny little bit of it… we’ve got to talk.

Fact is, YOU set the tone of your home. And for a large part, you are what you surround yourself with. So, if you want a beautiful, gracious life, guess where to start…

Now, I’m not a fixer upper for your home (or handy with a saw). I’m an artist. But lemme tell ya, when I sweep in, your space is in for a transformation (and you’re in for the wanna-go-on-vacation-no-lets-stay-home-we-love-it-here experience).

Our Mural has added so much to the vibe. I adore the colors on the wall, and unlike a
painting, the glass mural adds a completely different texture element to the room.

Highly recommend!

If you're ready to elevate your home, you can either purchase your glass artwork from the gallery, or you can commission a unique piece especially for your home.