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Let me transform your lobby

If your walls are begging to be filled, I can help!


You know it, I know it: 

First Impressions Count

(in love, in business, yes, even when shopping for ink-cartridges)


So, what if anyone who walked into the lobby of your company saw the splendor of a luminous, colorful, glass mural, instead of the same ol’ same ol’ generic office art

(the kind your competitors think will do juuuuust fine)?





People enter your building, and plop themselves down on a beige chair, feeling uninspired by their surroundings, subconsciously deciding your company ain’t nothing special, or…



Visitors are mesmerized by the one-of-a-kind art on your wall. They’re fascinated by the color play and automatically value your brand. When they walk into your office, they feel inspired to connect and do business with you.



Ready to color-plode your office?


Request a 20-minute chat with me – learn more about the commission process, discuss a possible glass mural for your lobby or workspace!


still not sure?


Let me tell you a little story...

My friend works crazy hours at JP Morgan in New York. Late at night, when she tiptoes her way to the washroom, she’ll go out of her way to pass her favorite piece of art. It’s THAT uplifting and important to her. And…

She’s no exception.

Besides elevating your brand, art is known for having a positive influence on job productivity, lowering stress and opting morale and creativity.

Hot Stat!

82% of employees said art was important in the work environment, and 73% percent said their view of the company would change if the art were removed.

Survey conducted by the BCA and International Association of Professional Art Advisors
The Anna Lou Glass piece helped convey the excitement of the Verizon brand and elevated the store atmosphere to a more sophisticated feel which blended in nicely with the art galleries on the streets around us. The piece exudes joy.

Whether you want to…

Crank up productivity (high fives ya’ll!)

Get a thumbs-up from potential clients (before they even enter your office)

Outdo the competition – with ZERO elbowing and 100% class, or

Make the day of anyone walking in and out



If you value art,

commissioning an original Anna Lou glass Mural is the best investment you can make.


Unlike oil painting, or (GASP!) pre-ordered office prints, glass plays with light – making for an ever-changing, never-boring art experience as soon as you enter the room.