Finding peace and balance during times of change

Creating inner peace for ourselves is crucial if we are to stay joyful and content. Life’s constant ups and downs can leave us feeling worried, anxious or stressed and it’s important for us to feel peaceful during challenging times, especially during periods of change.

Finding serenity and happiness is an ongoing process, but there are things that I practice regularly to help maintain my inner peace.

Spend time in nature

One of the ways I try to find my inner peace is to connect with nature. Going for walks, listening to the birds and sounds around me, smelling the flowers and stopping to look at the beautiful universe that surrounds us.

If you’re going through times of transition or change, I remind myself how the petals of flowers fall each season, yet they still manage to grow even more beautiful again in the next one.

“WILD AND WINDBLOWN II” celebrates the beauty of nature amidst its natural chaos. The wind blowing is merely a time of renewal and restoration.

Be Grateful

When you practice gratitude, you feel more positive emotions, you sleep better and you can express more compassion and kindness to others.

Practicing gratitude allows us to reflect on the past and accept that it’s all part of our journey to what is to come.

“FREE MIRRORS” triptych is about that process; about acknowledging the past, accepting who you are now because of it, and celebrating all that it will allow you to be.

Love yourself

Practicing self-love is one of the most important skills a person can learn. It involves looking after your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health so we can celebrate who we truly are.

Only when you’re feeling love towards yourself can you expect others to accept you for who you are.

“JELLY PALACE I” helps us to reflect our “best selves.” Each time you look in the mirror, no more picking yourself apart. You are good enough and everything will be okay.

Practice Acts of Kindness

When you put positive energy out there into the world and are open to different experiences, good things will make their way to you too.

“REJOICING” helps us to celebrate, to exclaim, to take great joy in news that makes your heart celebrate and your life seem brighter.

My hope is that the above strategies will work for you and that you use art as a way to inspire you to find your inner peace and live your BEST life.