Decorating your home with art

There’s something incredibly satisfying about decorating a room with art. Being able to add design, color, and personality to a room that is already filled with your furniture is such a joyous process.

Your home may have been carefully designed to flow and function with selected furniture pieces, but when you use art to bring all the design elements together, it injects personality and soul into your home in a really powerful way.

A beautiful and unique piece of art, thoughtfully placed on a wall can add flair, style and expression and can complete a room perfectly.

Choosing art to decorate your home

Art is all about self-expression, so it’s important to choose a piece that speaks to you. Perhaps it represents a certain time in your life, your favorite travel destination, a memory of someone close to you, or a particular artist or style of art that you are collecting.

Work with your favorite artist to commission a unique piece to complement your interior, or with an interior designer to help you select the right pieces.

Be sure to visit ALG Fine Art on Dragon Street, Dallas by booking a Studio Appointment where you can view my glass art murals or lucite collection as well in my art gift shop.

Decorative art pieces

Art doesn’t have to be used just to adorn your walls, you can display unique glass art sculptures along sideboards, bookcases, or as a center piece for your coffee table. My glass handmade smalls collection make beautiful decorative pieces of art and I’ve written a blog here on how to display them artistically in your home.

Scale and Proportion 

The size and layout of the room need to be considered so that you can achieve the right balance with your furniture and accessories.

In this charming balcony seating area, “SANTORINI” draws together the ocean / seaside theme, whilst not overpowering the secluded seating area.

Santorini glass wall art by Anna Lou Glass on a wall above a blue table with plants on and a red chair

In contrast, “ALL THE FEELS” is the statement piece for this home office, giving the pop of color it needs against the neutral wallcovering.

All The Feels blue glass wall art by Anna Lou Glass above a desk

You can also use art to ‘zone’ certain areas of a larger or open plan space. This can work well if you want to create visual boundaries whilst still maintaining the open and airy feel of the space.

Use decorative art mirrors to allow reflection and space

Mirrors are known for giving the illusion of more space, but you can also use them as a decorative piece of art too.

My vintage mirror collection, “WILD & WINDBLOWN” has fused glass flowers in startling detail on reclaimed vintage mirrors to infuse both space and color to your interior.

Vintage mirror with hand made fused glass flowers, Wild & Windblown

Using art to decorate your interiors is about balancing style, form and personality. With a little bit of creativity and thought, art can become a powerful form for personalising and enhancing the space.

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