Dallas in Spring: A time of hope and new beginnings

Blue, diamond shaped fused glass wall art hanging above white drawers

I love the Spring in Dallas. It’s a time for renewal and hope – both physically and spiritually. I love the longer, lighter days where we begin to feel less sluggish and become more open to change and new beginnings.

At this time of year, I really start to appreciate the joys of nature; the Spring flowers, warmer air and the opportunity to add more color to our homes.

Here are my most popular art pieces that illustrate the joys of Spring and new beginnings.



Collage of "All The Feels" fused glass artwork with close ups on the right

Just as the flowers of nature represent a fresh start, “ALL THE FEELS” also celebrates new beginnings.

There’s a balance to be had in new beginnings, in the same way that flowers need water and sunlight to thrive, this glass art mural contains a balance of warm bold furls with the cool, delicate depths of blue.




Artwork called "Rejoicing" on a white background

This piece is about expressing gratitude and deeply celebrating each small moment of joy in our lives. When we rejoice in what we have, we create more room for  the joyous things in our lives.

The colors in this lucite mural are bright and positive to fill our sails with warmer days and soothe and lift our spirits.




Blue bookshelves containing books, fused glass floral art and ornaments

The beauty of these “FLOATING BLOOMS” is that they capture vibrancy and vitality in your home all year round. They remind us that although the elements of nature change during each season, the joy of spring can be an everlasting presence in our lives.




Wall art inspired by Venice, Italy

Italy is beautiful in the Spring. From March to May, the season of Spring known as Primavera in Italian, brings new life to the fields and renewed vitality to the county’s beautiful towns and cities. During my travels in Murano, Italy, I was inspired to watercolor the vibrant water traffic on Murano’s Grand Canal, allowing the watercolors to soothe my soul whilst watching the vaporettis bobbing and passing in front of the beautiful old buildings.



If you want to connect to the joys of this renewing and beautiful Spring season, consider surrounding yourself with art pieces today to remind you all that Spring has to offer – both physically and spiritually all year round.