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Wondering how this commission-y thingy works?


You know you want something glass, sculptural and colorful… an artwork that makes you wanna live a little harder – smile, hug, pray, savor and celebrate. And…you’re not quite sure how to go about it (EEK!).



Perhaps you’re intimidated by the commission process…

Anna is a great listener, and can interpret what you’re looking for, even if you’re not capable of articulating it. She’s extremely organized, unlike the stereotype artist she can have a focused conversation. I was blown away by her professionalism –
she followed up, kept to the timeline and made us feel a 100% secure
about our investment.


Perhaps you’re afraid the mural will break…

I have kids between the age of 2-7. So, breaking stuff is what we do around here.
I’m NEVER worried about our mural breaking though. It looks delicate,
but is extremely sturdy. I even believe it’s fortified with the kind of material
they put on windshields!


Drop all your worries now

and learn what happens the moment you say YES to color-sploding your living space with an Anna Lou Glass mural…


There's two ways we can go about this.


1. Collaborate

You + I are gonna play. We’ll chat family, values, stories, emotions, colors and more.

Based on everything I’ve learned I’ll start doodling.

Afterward I’ll turn the doodle in to a graphic rendition of your mural-to-be, in different variations.

Once we agree on the design, colors and dimensions that reflect the story of your home, I create the mural.

You’ll be involved in all steps to ensure you get the extraordinarily true-to-you result you desire.

The moment your piece is finalized, I’ll get it shipped and hung on the wall of your choice - by professional art movers. Done, done and...hung.


Because you want to put a stamp on your forever home...

Request a 20-minute chat with me

to discuss a possible glass mural for your living space



You’ve seen my work, and now you're like "Gimme one of those!". Consider it done.   

We’ll have a quick chat on colors and dimensions and I’ll take it from there, keeping you in the loop with regular updates.

You can sit back and watch the creative process unfold and get first-day-of-summer-break excited about your unique-to-you glass mural. Made to your specifications. Hung on your desired wall.



“When you buy art that makes you smile – you’ll never regret it”

– Grandmama


Request a 20-minute chat with me

discuss a possible glass mural for your living space



An Anna Lou Glass mural comes with a guarantees! I solemnly promise (hand on Bible, the whole shebang) that the mural will arrive at your doorstep WHOLE.

And just so you know… there’s a shatter-proof coating on the back of your mural. The kind they put on windshields. If something hits it (yaneverno!) it won’t crack the mural.

P.P.S. Shipping and hanging the mural will happen by professional art movers - and naturally, I pay for it.