Combining signature fused glass flowers with vintage mirrors

My latest collection pushes my fused glass work further than ever before. For the first time ever, I have combined my signature glass fused flowers with vintage and antique mirrors to celebrate the force of nature amidst its natural beauty.

Beginning with a single piece of broken glass and connecting it piece by piece to create a unique blend of colored flowers. Each flower petal has been carefully curated and fused before being placed on the backdrop of a vintage or antique mirror.

As each flower gets blown by the wind and loses its petals, it still manages to retain its beauty by regenerating itself even more beautiful than it was before. The mirror and the glass flowers provide the perfect combination to celebrate finding stability within the beauty of nature amidst its natural chaos.

Glass fused flowers in orange, white and yellow on a vintage antique mirror with bamboo style frame

“WILD & WINDBLOWN” is my gratitude to the bond between human and nature, celebrating its beauty and the healing and restoration that nature can bring; healing us to the core and renewing our souls.

Glass fused flowers in yellow, orange and white on a vintage antique mirror with bamboo style frame

The work was inspired during my time at Lake Marie, Antioch, a place where my family and friends often escape to during the summer months to recharge and unwind.  The lake is always moving slowly under the influence of wind and the earth’s rotation, blowing the flower’s petal by petal but only when they are finally ready to fall.

“WILD & WINDBLOWN” is a series of five unique glass flowers mounted onto vintage mirrors, each one representing the stages at which the petals fall, and the ‘moment in time’ that each flower is blown by the wind.

Whilst creating this work, I was reminded how delicate each flower was, just like a thin piece of glass. When the petals fall, and the flower is laid dormant during the winter months, it is never the end. It’s simply a time of healing and renewal so the flower can be restored even more beautiful than it was before.