Called together to create together

I have always been passionate about wanting to create a space where an established league of artists could come together with one main goal: to create.

For me, it’s what the ALG Fine Art Studio is all about.

Ever since I founded the Studio back in 2019, I’ve been fortunate enough to invite and share the space with extraordinary artists, each bringing their own vision and creative talent. One of those artists is Christi Meril.

On Wednesday April 3, Christi Meril and I will embark on a celebration of our creative journey to present a Duo Art Exhibition in the heart of the Dallas Design District.

There’s something so powerful about two artists coming together, who share such a passion for creativity and who are always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our work.

On this special evening, I’ll be sharing some of my recent collection, including:


Vintage mirror decorated with hand made glass flowers

Fused signature glass flowers in startling detail on reclaimed vintage mirrors with a collection of five variations.


This series comes from the watercolor created during the Fall that I spent studying under a Glass Master in Murano and traveling across Italy.

Throughout my time there, nature had such a centering influence on me, and I cherished the open space around me that I so often draw inspiration from.


A Hand-Cut Fused Glass that celebrates the excitement of fresh starts and new beginnings.

This piece shows the balance of fluidity and structure; of warm, bold furls and cool, delicate depths; it’s a balance of work and play and the overall desire to thrive.


This glass art mural acknowledges that the view from above is often more complete and intricate and beautiful than our day to day vistas.


These interactive “Drama” mirrors of hot-sculpted and fused Murano lume glass both reveal and conceal all your best secrets.


Created during my time on the glass island of Murano, Italy, surrounded by the Venetian Lagoon, I sat painting narrow boats and wide vaporettis bobbing and passing by, allowing the watercolors to soothe and calm my soul.

I hope you can join us for this inspirational evening of fine art. A testimony to creative talent and a celebration of female talent in the Dallas Design District.

Reserve your spot here: