Unique Glass Art Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is such a special day for us to celebrate the moms in our lives, and this year they deserve it more than ever! Whether it’s for your mom, grandmother, aunt, mother-in-law or any other special lady in your life, it’s an important day to make them feel special and express how much they … Read more

Looking through the ‘glory hole’ that is Glass Art

If you’ve been mesmerized by the hit series on Netflix, Blown Away, you may be curious about all the talk of  “glory holes.”  No, I’m not talking about Urban Dictionary’s slang definition (you can wipe that look off your face right now!)…. It’s actually the hole providing access to a furnace used to reheat a … Read more

What do you want your legacy to be?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why we are the way we are. That wonderful, weird creative combination that makes us unique, yet tied to those before us. It’s not something that’s passed down to us from just one family member; it spans across multiple generations that go right back in time.  This contemplation … Read more

Cute alert! Introducing my new puppies, Stella & Luna

I’ve been wanting to get a dog throughout the pandemic, and while my first choice was to rescue a dog in need, I knew it would be hard to find the right puppy!  You see, I know a dog is not an accessory no matter how adorable they are. I also knew that for a … Read more

How travel can help inspire our creativity

Travelling to new places can reap all sorts of benefits; new experiences, meeting new people, learning about new cultures and broadening our minds. But there’s also a lesser known benefit which has even been proven by scientists: travel inspires our creativity.  Professor Adam Galinsky of Columbia Business School set out to explore this correlation and … Read more

Blown Away by Glass Art?

Has anyone else been watching Blown Away on Netflix? A reality glassblowing competition between ten accomplished glass artists, with a creative brief and a time limit that pushes them to their glassblowing limits. Along the way we see the competitors moulding, sculpting and blowing their way to victory, designing and creating beautiful and artistic glass … Read more

Living life at your own pace

What does life balance mean to you? And what influences it? Life balance is expressed in many different ways depending on our circumstances and situation. It could be work-life balance, personal or emotional fulfillment, being totally at peace with yourself, managing time for yourself as well as for others.  To me, it means that you … Read more

Grounding ourselves in the present moment

The massive winter snowstorm that swept across Texas over the last week or so has been a test of endurance for all those it has affected. Hundreds of thousands of people were without heat or power for days, while others struggled to get food, medicine, and other necessities as the sub-freezing temperatures and icy precipitation … Read more

Glass Art Murals that help us connect with nature

There’s nothing more nourishing for the soul than spending time in nature. Whether it’s sitting in our backyard, a walk along the beach or through your national park, nothing is more soothing than being in the natural world. The sights and sounds, scents and feel of being outside can rejuvenate and inspire us quite unlike … Read more

How to commission glass art for your home

Everyone deserves to have an original piece of art in their home, one tailored specifically to them, but how do you go about making that dream a reality?

It’s all revealed in this FREE guide, “How to commission glass art for your home”.