Brand new watercolor lucite series by Dallas Artist

Announcing our FALL OPEN HOUSE where I’ll Introduce my BRAND NEW watercolor lucite series, “Centered.”   I’m excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a Fall Open House on Thursday, October 27 from 4-8pm at the ALG Collective!   BOOK YOUR TICKET HERE >>    This evening will feature my newest kaleidoscoped watercolor lucite … Read more

Sunflower & Sketching Masterclass in Dallas

  Join my Sunflower & Sketching Masterclass Due to popular demand, my Sunflowers & Sketching Masterclass is BACK on Friday, October 21 6:30 – 8pm at Mars Hill Farm.    I’ve always loved sketching flowers and then transforming them into beautiful glass pieces of art, but this time I’m going to share some of my … Read more

Using Art to Capture Summer Memories

The memories of Summer are some of the most cherished memories we have. The sun, the sand, the water – they all create memories that we love to look back on. This summer, why not capture those memories in a unique way? By using art, you can preserve your favorite memories in your home and … Read more

Unique and Stylish Hallway Decor Ideas to Make a Good Impression

Your front hallway is often the first thing people see when they enter your home, so it’s important to make a good impression. Hallways are often areas where people dump keys, sling off their shoes and hang coats, so it’s easy for these areas to be neglected. Thankfully, I’ve got some unique and stylish hallway … Read more

How to Add Color to Your Home Without Painting

Are you looking for a way to add some color and flair to your home without painting? If so, you’re in luck! I’ve got plenty of ideas to help you achieve this. So whether you want to add a pop of color or completely transform the look of your home, read on for some great … Read more

The Art of Honoring

One of the ways that we can create a sense of grounding in our lives is by honoring ourselves and others. Honoring someone means recognizing their worth, and respecting them for who they are. It is about creating a connection with another person, allowing others to feel heard and acknowledged for who they are.   … Read more

5 ways to turn up the Summer vibe in your home

Summer is officially here and it’s time to turn up the sunshine vibe in your home. Summer is just as much a time for rejuvenation as Spring, with its brilliant sunshine, crisp blue skies, and rainbow of light, airy hues. A few simple changes to your interior might be all it takes to transform your … Read more

A personal transformational journey

Let’s take a walk down memory lane over the course of your life and see how many times you can honestly say you’ve “transformed,” that is, gone through a period of significant or total change in form or character—a metamorphosis on an external or internal level. My best guess is that you can count them … Read more

5 ways to enlighten your interior

Decorating and furnishing your interior is a form of self-expression—a way for you to show the world who you are and what you enjoy.   While you may have put time and energy into choosing the right colors, it’s those little finishing touches that can make all the difference.    Here are some creative ways … Read more

Celebrating who I really am as an artist

It’s so easy to go through life worrying about how people are going to judge you.    We’ve all been there, and it can hinder you from pursuing your dreams and stop you from expressing your true nature.    I definitely feel fear and self-doubt about my passions and my business from time to time, … Read more

Expressing adoration with my new lucite art collection

“THIS is why I love you” When someone is part of your life — be it a partner, parent, child, or friend — it’s all too easy to take the relationship for granted. To love and to feel loved is so important. And, to express those sentiments is essential in cementing the love and the … Read more

Introducing new “Faith” series using a new medium

After saying for so long that I wanted to experiment with a new medium, I decided to try my hand at lucite, and I’m so excited to be sharing this fresh new medium which I recently launched at our “RECHARGED” art show in Dallas two weeks ago.  I’ve always been drawn to the creative possibilities … Read more

Abundance glass art with Anna Lou Curnes, Glass Artist, cropped at the left of the image

Using glass art to practice mindfulness

Mindfulness helps us stay in the present moment. It allows us to become aware of our body, how we feel (both physically and emotionally), our thoughts, imagination and how we respond or react to each moment in life. Creating ‘pauses’ in our everyday life can help us connect with ourselves and others on a deeper … Read more

Flowers are the first sign of Spring

March 21st marked the first day of Spring, and I was So Ready for it! Winter has gone on long enough!   The days are finally getting longer, the air is warmer and those hopeful buds on the trees and flowers are the sign that spring is well and truly upon us.    The Spring … Read more

Dallas Fine Art show features notable new artwork in Glass Art

“RECHARGED” Fine Art Show features notable new artwork    In-person events are back with a bang at the ALG Collective! It’s sure been a long time coming, and we’re so excited to host our Premier Spring Art Show, “RECHARGED,” on Wednesday, April 20th from 5-9pm at the ALG Collective, 1302 Dragon Street.     I’ll be … Read more

Celebrating International Women’s Day in Dallas

This week marks International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women’s equality, eliminate discrimination and bias between genders and celebrate women’s achievements.    Throughout history, there have been many women who have considerably impacted the world as we know it today. From individuals such as Maya Angelou who fought back against a society filled with … Read more

Choosing the right art for your favorite room

We all have a favorite room in our homes. It could be the hustle and bustle of your family kitchen and den where you all hang out together, or perhaps it’s a more peaceful room where you can escape from everyone and have some quiet reading and reflection time. Whichever room it is for you, … Read more

What art style best suits your home interior?

We all have our own taste when it comes to choosing art pieces for our home. Especially as our homes express so much about our personality and style. It’s important to choose art that not only complements our home interior, but also something that we can cherish on our walls for a very long time.  … Read more

Using glass art to reflect on the year just past

Using creativity to reflect  I love this time in between Christmas and New Year. Those hazy days spending time with my family, either lazing by the Christmas tree in my PJs binging on shows or going on a winter walk with my friends and puppies and coming home to hot chocolate and cookies. I’m never … Read more

Creative ways to decorate your Christmas table

The ingredients for a joyous Christmas meal are great food (obviously), precious company, and a show-stopper of a Christmas dining table.  A beautifully decorated Christmas table will make your meal taste better and provide the perfect backdrop to a joyous festive dinner. Whether you’re going for an elegant and traditional setting or something with lots … Read more

Glass flowers that bloom all year

If you’re a lover of flowers, there’s so much more you can do with them than just popping a bunch in a vase. There are so many creative ways to bring color and happiness into your home with glass flowers.    Flowers aren’t just designed to be enjoyed from our garden, they can be enjoyed … Read more