An Evening with House of Pierre Cardin at the ALG Collective

An Evening with House of Pierre Cardin

We were honored to host a rather special and exciting event at the ALG Collective last month with Fashion Group International of Dallas for an intimate evening with the renowned fashion brand House of Pierre Cardin. 

We were joined by Rodrigo Basilicati-Cardin, Pierre Cardin’s great-nephew and President of House of Pierre Cardin, Fern Mallis, the former Council of Fashion Designers of America executive director, founder of the New York Fashion Week and director of IMG, Matthew Gonder, licensing director for the US and Canada, and Jan Strimple, one of the first Pierre Cardin models, along with many guests who follow the fashion and arts scene in Dallas. 

The evening included a panel discussion with the Cardin team and an inspirational screening of the documentary, ‘House of Cardin’ which detailed the life and career of Pierre Cardin and how he influenced the fashion industry.

Pierre Cardin was a true visionary, best known for his avant-garde style and Space Age designs across a decorated career that spanned more than eight decades. He was one of the first designers to understand the importance of making cheaper versions of his clothes accessible to the general public who could not afford couture.

It was wonderful to hear Rodrigo talk about his vision and goals to keep Cardin’s legacy alive. 

The ALG Collective on Dragon Street in Dallas provided the perfect backdrop to this event; combining innovative art with fashion as the guests toured the studio featuring our resident artist’s latest work while networking over cocktails. 

I believe everyone, including us, left feeling inspired by all that Pierre Cardin achieved during his lifetime and his legacy to the world of fashion.