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A world where…

Empty walls are begging to be filled and my decorated walls exclaim a sculptural “hi!” every time you walk by it

The combo of loud music and sizzling hot fires create the ultimate “cool factor” of ART that tells a story (perhaps even YOUR story)

We create beauty from brokenness – ‘cos the Lord knows, we can all use a shimmering, colorful reminder that we can heal from our wounds


why you want me to create glass art for you

BECAUSE you’re a born optimist and it’s time your space reflected your sparkly self

BECAUSE an abundance of boring beiges and off-putting off-whites make that your personal space feels impersonal – and why would you settle for THAT?

BECAUSE you’ve reached a stage in your life where beyond “just getting by” and have reason to celebrate – whether it’s a beautiful family, or thriving business (or both)



officially me

Meet Anna Curnes, owner of Anna Lou Glass and the anna lou glass collective


Dallas based glass artist Anna Curnes plays with fire.

Not confined to what’s doable, but rather inspired by what’s magical, she turns shattered glass into hefty (nigh unbreakable) glass creations - creating beauty from brokenness.

Having studied with masters like Rebecca Johnson, Joseph Ivacic, Mark Mitsuda and Diego Bottacin she’s fluent in the fluidity of glass. She talks to it and the glass listens.

You can find Anna creating both commission and free work in her studio.


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The Ultimate 5-Step Guide to Commissioning

Your Dream Piece

(for art lovers on the prowl)


Ready to move from “I want one!”, to done, done and hung?