7 ways to give your bedroom a new lease of life in 2023

We all love our beds (and bedroom)… and if you don’t, it’s definitely time for a redesign and rethink! That relaxing and cozy place where we can switch off at the end of each day and where a good night’s sleep awaits us. Our bedrooms should be our sanctuary, and I’ve got some stylish solutions that you can include in your bedroom that will make you fall in love with this important room in your house all over again. 


Choose beautiful bedding

Your bed linen really makes your bed and entire bedroom really stand out. After all, it’s the main focus of the room. I do love crisp, white bedding that compliments any color wall or art, but you could also consider brighter shades with complimentary patterns to help freshen up the entire room. 


Introduce foliage 

Reconnect with nature by bringing elements of the outdoors into your bedroom.  If you’re black-thumbed like me, you could use art that depicts natural elements like my ceramic potted spring flowers. 



These look great on bedside tables or bedroom dressing tables to compliment your color scheme and reflect the morning sunrise on their petals. 


Ambient lighting

Low and ambient lighting is the key if you want to sleep better at night. Use adjustable, warm-toned bulbs for your bedside lamps and consider brighter lighting inside your wardrobes that doesn’t interfere with the main lighting in the bedroom. 


Introduce adjustable lighting fixtures by your bed for reading that light up your bed area, leaving the rest of the room warm and cozy. 


Use interesting mirrors 

Mirrors are great artforms, allowing you to play with dimensions, light and illusion. You can use mirrors to spotlight your favorite artwork, to reflect your most gorgeous piece of bedroom furniture or to simply add more light to the room by being across from a window.


Don’t just think of mirrors as a form of reflective glass, think of them as pieces of art. 


“GRACE MIRRORS” each contain a hot-sculpted white garden flower to remind yourself to walk tall, and that you’re pretty amazing just as you are!



Place art over your bed frame

That area above your bed always seems like an awkward space to fill. Placing a beautiful art mural there is a great way to create a focal point and make an impact. 



Choose colors that are going to stand out amongst your wall coverings and bed linen and something that will inspire you for the day ahead when you get out of bed each morning. 


So you see there are plenty of ways to personalize and add vibrancy to your bedroom. Take a look at my full shop online for more inspiration you can incorporate in your bedroom. 


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